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The tides rolls in at Birling Gap

Birling Gap – Steps to Beach Closed

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I nipped down to Birling Gap on Monday 13th January, alas,  to find there had been a cliff fall affecting the beach steps after the recent storm surge. Access to the beach is cut off until further notice. Wealden Council is on to it and will be repairing the steps as soon as they can. A real shame after recent work had already been carried out. I’m hoping it isn’t closed for long as I have a number of projects to photograph there and also some Workshops in the planning stages.

There was certainly some very blown out wind swell with 3-5ft waves (non-Hawaiian scale) pitching up over the shallow sandbar at low tide.

Alas, only surfers with a boat or very long length of rope would have been able to brave the conditions. As I’d made the journey I popped in to see the ongoing changes to the National Trust facilities, grabbed a coffee and a burger and caught up with some emails as they have FREE Wifi on site. It all looks to be coming on nicely and I’m sure it will be excellent when it is finished. I’d imagine some form of beach cleanup will be on the cards as the storms have certainly washed up all manner of rubbish.

Ebb and Flow of the tide at Birling Gap


The gusty wind and low light made for tricky photographic conditions so I decided to grab a few shots looking back towards Beachy Head Lighthouse. I noted there had been quite a large fresh cliff fall there too. I could see that there was another area that looked as if it will soon head South too. Please beware if you are in the area especially, as additional wet weather is promised. 


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