Don’t keep to the path.

Passing Places? Landscape Photography is a flexible genre. You can photograph the land, the sea, rural, urban, wild, tamed, you can shoot wide and you can pick out the detail in what I call ‘micro […]


Level Horizons in Photography

Level Horizons in PhotographyThe creative process should rarely be shackled by ‘rules’. Rules have always been there to be broken, boundaries are pushed and new ideas emerge. Some of these ‘rules’ are more just there […]


We are Better Together

Surely we are ‘Better Together’     I may repeat myself but I do feel very strongly about the Scottish Vote for Independence. In some ways, I was very fortunate to have lived abroad for […]


Eridge Rocks

Photographing Eridge Rocks     I admit I was slow to discover the amazing sandstone formations dotted throughout the Kent and Sussex Countryside. Naturally I am drawn to Landscapes that offer something different to the norm. These stunning […]


Choosing a Digital Camera

I’ve been a Canon man for a good number of years and of course once you begin to build a collection of equipment it does make it more difficult to change. These days things are […]


Asgeir Photographs

Asgeir at the Green Door Store, Brighton. 12th December 2013 I heard Asgeir doing a session on Dermot O’Leary’s BBC radio show on the way back from Cornwall a few months back. We’d had a great week in Crantock, […]


Photographing The Thames Barrier

I’m not sure why I thought The Thames Barrier was further East? I’m looking at a map and of course it is just down the river from the O2. It looked like there might be a […]


Birling Gap – Steps to Beach Closed

I nipped down to Birling Gap on Monday 13th January, alas,  to find there had been a cliff fall affecting the beach steps after the recent storm surge. Access to the beach is cut off […]


Landscape Photographer of The Year 2013 – LPOTY

I popped along to the Landscape Photographer of the Year 2013 Exhibition at the National Theatre on Saturday. It was great to see the exhibition space so busy and such a varying range of people […]


The Tate Modern – A Photographic Journey

If you don’t care for Modern Art then the former Bankside Power Station that houses the Tate Modern is in itself a work of art and worthy of inspection. I have to be in the […]


Soundtracks in Photography?

Soundtracks in PhotographyMusic inspires me, it always has. It allows us to escape, to drift and flow. When it is right my creative channels open up, I see further, I see differently and it takes me […]


Neutral Density Filters – A Simple Long Exposure Calculator

Neutral Density Filters – Long Exposure and Calculating Shutter Speeds Every photographer should have at least one ND filter (Neutral Density Filter). ND filters allow us to control the amount of light entering the lens […]