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The Stream – Scafell Pike

 The Stream – Scafell Pike  1 After a tough climb up Scafell Pike and a descent that really tested my knees, it was lovely to be able to slow things down and get the camera […]


Climbing Scafell Pike

  Climbing Scafell Pike  1 Climbing Scafell Pike was not something we had planned on this brief trip but after a beer or two at the Wasdale Head Inn we were suddenly considering tackling a mountain! After […]


Trip Guide – Lanzarote

    Trip Guide – LANZAROTE   1   Mixing Work and Play We were only just back from 10 days of work/exploration in the gorgeous Hebrides.  My wife had previously made it clear that she needed a holiday in the […]


Your Most Important Lenses

    Your Most Important Lenses 1 We take a lot for granted in life. It is not a conscious decision, it is just how we are wired. As a photographer there were numerous times when I was […]


What is Landscape Photography?

     WHAT IS LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY 1 What is ‘Landscape Photography’? I was asked last week ‘What is Landscape Photography’? It was a simple question with perhaps a simpler answer but to me it is a personal […]


Coastal Parking – Dorset

    COASTAL PARKING IN DORSET 1 Dorset Beach Parking Charges   Dorset is a beautiful county. We visit regularly, drawn mainly to the Jurassic Coast. Something that I found increasingly annoying are the greed of some land […]


Looking but not seeing.

Take your time Occasionally we find ourselves within the landscape looking for inspiration, waiting for that all important creative spark. We can find ourselves ‘looking’ but not really seeing. When this strikes  I’ll focus more on the component […]


Don’t keep to the path.

Passing Places? Landscape Photography is a flexible genre. You can photograph the land, the sea, rural, urban, wild, tamed, you can shoot wide and you can pick out the detail in what I call ‘micro […]


Photographing The Thames Barrier

I’m not sure why I thought The Thames Barrier was further East? I’m looking at a map and of course it is just down the river from the O2. It looked like there might be a […]


Landscape Photographer of The Year 2013 – LPOTY

I popped along to the Landscape Photographer of the Year 2013 Exhibition at the National Theatre on Saturday. It was great to see the exhibition space so busy and such a varying range of people […]


Neutral Density Filters – A Simple Long Exposure Calculator

Neutral Density Filters – Long Exposure and Calculating Shutter Speeds Every photographer should have at least one ND filter (Neutral Density Filter). ND filters allow us to control the amount of light entering the lens […]


Sunwayfoto DB-44 Ballhead Review

Sunwayfoto DB-44 Ballhead Review I’ve been disappointed with my Giottos ball-head I bought last year. It wasn’t sturdy enough and had started to become unreliable far too quickly. So I started the research on a good quality […]