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The Tate Modern – A Photographic Journey

If you don’t care for Modern Art then the former Bankside Power Station that houses the Tate Modern is in itself a work of art and worthy of inspection. I have to be in the […]


Neutral Density Filters – A Simple Long Exposure Calculator

Neutral Density Filters – Long Exposure and Calculating Shutter Speeds Every photographer should have at least one ND filter (Neutral Density Filter). ND filters allow us to control the amount of light entering the lens […]


Hasselblad Portfolio Days – Review For Modelinscene Magazine

Hasselblad Portfolio Days – A Review In late November I joined  Jamie Crawford from Modelinscene Magazine to review Hasselblad’s Portfolio Days up at their London Studio in Hoxton. The lion’s share of my time is spent ‘in the […]


Sunwayfoto DB-44 Ballhead Review

Sunwayfoto DB-44 Ballhead Review I’ve been disappointed with my Giottos ball-head I bought last year. It wasn’t sturdy enough and had started to become unreliable far too quickly. So I started the research on a good quality […]