Proof Before Printing

Physical Proofs

I always advise clients to obtain a proof before seeking enlargements or larger print runs. Proofing is a great way for you to see exactly how your image will look on a specific paper or a number of papers. Different styles of artwork or photography lend themselves to different papers. Each paper has a ‘gamut’ a range of colours it can reproduce. Some papers will have a broader tonal range and can produce truer blacks than others. Fine art printing can give photographic or digital images a much richer and quality feel than traditional photographic printing. 

Digital Soft-Proofing

For those with experience with photo editing and cataloguing software I can provide digital profiles to allow you to soft-proof at home. Soft proofing mimcs print conditions digitally and is a good way of seeing how certain images will appear on the different papers I provide.  

Proof Pricing

Proofing costs just £7 and you can choose to see your print on two different papers at A4. We leave a 20mm border so you can appreciate the different papers. 1st Class postager is included. 

Proof Pricing

Your image on two different papers at A4. Postage Included.
£ 7
  • Choose two papers.
  • 20mm border
  • Additional papers £3

Proof Pricing

Additional Papers
£ 3
  • Per Additional Paper
  • 20mm border
  • Choose from over 10 Papers