High-Quality Scanning

High-Quality Scanning is carried out using a professional, colour matched scanner.  I scan as standard at 300dpi and 48-bit for the best possible reproductions. Scanning can be carried out at up to 6400dpi. 600dpi allows for generous enalrgements while balancing file sizes. 

I scan work for a wide genre of artists, illustrators and photographers.  Your original artwork is scanned with incredible detail and excellent color reproduction.


Scanning Sizes

I can scan artwork up to approximately A1 in size. 

For framed artwork, where disassembly is not possible and items larger than A1, please choose ‘Artwork Photography’ from the menu.  

High-Quality Scanning Pricing

NB For larger volumes get in touch. 

Image Editing

Basic edits are included with the scanning costs. More complicated editing to tidy images, to digitally correct damage, isolate images from backgrounds etc,  are charged at £40 per hour pro rata. Some tasks are very simple taking just a few minutes, others require greater time input.

I will always confirm approximate costs before undertaking any additional work.