High-quality, professional scanning producing excellent detail and colour reproduction.

Art Scanning in Sussex

I scan work for artists, illustrators, designers and photographers from my office in Rotherfield, East Sussex.  Your original artwork is scanned with incredible detail and excellent color reproduction to produce the very best digital reproduction.

Digitising your artwork opens up a host of commercial opportunities allowing you increase the lifetime value of your work. You can continue to benefit financially long after an original has sold by producing prints, fine art prints, greetings cards as well as other merchandise. Artwork scanning makes your work more accessible to larger audiences. 

High-Quality Scanning is carried out using a professional scanner in a colour-controlled environment.  I work to produce excellent reproductions. I scan at 300dpi for basic scans and 360dpi as standard for art scans but higher resolutions are available allowing for considerable enlargements at print. 


Scanning Services

High quality scanning services for artists, illustrators, photographers and designers.

General Scanning

General flatbed scanning services for prints, plans, maps and textiles.

Art Scanning

Professional, high quality scanning of your artwork.

Photo Scanning

Professional scanning of your photos to digitise, repair and reprint.

Neg and Slide Scanning

Film and negative scanning. Re-touching and digitising services.

The Specs


Standard scans from 300dpi


600dpi (Up to 6400dpi) for enlargements.

Accurate colour

24-48bit scanning for accurate colour.


A1+ Scan sizes

What do my Clients Say?

"I was so impressed with the fine art prints produced from the scan of my original watercolour, I hung the proofs at my exhibition. Visitors were shocked when I informed them they were prints"
John H
“Rich's attention to detail is superb. He always goes the extra mile. He is incredibly knowledgeable.”
Anne W
So pleased with my photos - amazing job and friendly professional service
Pat T

Art scanning increases your opportunities.

See your work in print. Monetise your artwork by producing fine art prints, creating greetings cards and opening up a host of new opportunities.

Standard Scanning Prices

Scanning A4

Scans Up A4 in Size
£ 10 Up to A4
  • 24 Bit - 300dpi Scanning
  • Hi-Res Tiff and Web Files

Scanning A3

Scans up to A3 in Size
£ 15 Up to A3
  • 24 Bit - 300dpi Scanning
  • Hi-Res Tiff and Web Files ​

Scanning A2

Scans up to A2 inSize
£ 25 Up to A2
  • 24 Bit - 300dpi Scanning
  • Hi-Res Tiff and Web Files ​

Scanning A1

Scans Up to A1 in Size
£ 40 Up to A1
  • 24 Bit - 300dpi Scanning
  • Hi-Res Tiff and Web Files ​

Larger Items

Scans Beyond A1 in Size
£ POA Pro Rata
  • 24 Bit - 300dpi Scanning
  • Hi-Res Tiff and Web Files ​

Higher Res

To Enlarge Prints
£ POA Higher Res Scans
  • From £2.50 for 600dpi
  • Hi-Res Tiff and Web Files ​

NB For larger volumes get in touch for pricing. Higher resolutions also available. All other sizes pro rata. 

Image Editing

Basic edits are included with the scanning costs. More complicated editing to tidy images, to digitally correct damage, isolate images from backgrounds etc,  are charged at £45 per hour pro rata. Some tasks are very simple taking just a few minutes, others require greater time input.

I will always confirm approximate costs before undertaking any additional work.