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Visual Impairment – The Important Lenses

Visual Impairment – The Important Lenses   We take a lot for granted in life. It is not a conscious decision, it is just how we are wired. As a photographer, there were numerous times when […]


Litter – Keeping Britain Tidy

LitterI’ve lived in a lot of places and I’ve seen a lot of litter. I’ve lived in both cities and I’ve been fortunate enough to live in the countryside and even by the coast. I’ve […]


What is Landscape Photography?

What is ‘Landscape Photography’?I was asked last week ‘What is Landscape Photography’? It was a simple question with perhaps a simpler answer but to me it is a personal thing , so the answer wasn’t […]


Coastal Parking – Dorset

Coastal Parking – Dorset   Dorset is a beautiful county. We visit regularly, drawn mainly to the Jurassic Coast. Something that I found increasingly annoying is the greed of some landowners in our coastal locations.  You […]


ABC Cinema Blues – Tunbridge Wells

Loss I always considered it a shame that Tunbridge Wells was going to lose the ABC Cinema. To be fair, I’d never been but I just prefer the vibe of smaller independent cinemas. They are […]


Looking but not seeing.

Take your time Occasionally we find ourselves within the landscape looking for inspiration, waiting for that all important creative spark. We can find ourselves ‘looking’ but not really seeing. When this strikes  I’ll focus more on the component […]


Choosing a Digital Camera

I’ve been a Canon man for a good number of years and of course once you begin to build a collection of equipment it does make it more difficult to change. These days things are […]


Asgeir Photographs

Asgeir at the Green Door Store, Brighton. 12th December 2013 I heard Asgeir doing a session on Dermot O’Leary’s BBC radio show on the way back from Cornwall a few months back. We’d had a great week in Crantock, […]