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What do I offer you?


I keep my range of tuition and workshops flexible to ensure there is something for everyone. They range from great value photo walks, through to individual and small group tuition. I’m also planning some exciting photography trips in 2017/2018 a little further afield. 

There are few set rules on what constitutes a ‘good photograph’, it is entirely subjective but I can offer a host of tips on how you can get the best out of your gear. I can show you how to break the process down to come away with better images. Often it is a case of sharing not just the technical know-how but helping you to approach photography from a different perspective.

I offer a more measured approach to image creation.  It is very much about planning, about appreciating the landscape and learning to work with light, tone and texture. It is about slowing the process down and learning how to really ‘make’ an image.

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Photographic Tuition and Landscape Photography Workshops


I’m passionate about the wider landscape, the outdoors and about creating great images.  It is a pleasure to be able to share this passion with others and to help you to to produce better images.

My workshops and tuition are aimed at both beginners and those seeking to improve their landscape photography.

I will tailor tuition specifically to you! From preparation, planning, use of light, camera setup, camera control, using filters, focusing tips, through to framing and  composition.

As a photographer, I’m regularly asked how I go about capturing certain subjects, how I set up my camera and how I achieve certain effects. I enjoy being able to communicate the process and share what motivates me.

You simply need to dress for the conditions, bring your camera along, ideally a tripod (although I can supply one) and you have the added advantage of trying out my own equipment.


Photography Locations


We are blessed within the South East with wonderful scenery throughout London, Kent, Sussex and Dorset. I’ve spent a decade photographing the local landscape and working further afield. I’ve travelled widely throughout the UK and abroad.

I run photographic workshops for both individuals and small groups throughout Kent, Sussex and further afield. We have an abundance of woodland, heathland, the North and South Downs and the Kent and Sussex Coast to work with. Our landscape is incredibly varied and we have so much on offer within an hour of Tunbridge Wells and Crowborough. 

There are a number of locations I return to time and time again in varying light and in different seasons. The beauty of landscape photography is that even when you return to the same location you will see it differently. I have great local knowledge and can lead you to some wonderful places where we can concentrate on creating some great images. 

Mastering Your Equipment


Technology makes photography far more accessible than it ever has been but the technology involved can be complicated and difficult at times to understand.  Modern cameras and the editing tools can do much for us automatically but by really learning to understand them and choosing a more organic, manual approach you will find yourself with more creative control and a better end product.


Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Tuition


Primarily I use Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop for all my editing. I’ve been working with these programs commercially for the best part of a decade.  I offer affordable individual tuition on any of these packages tailored to your editing needs. Whether you want an introduction and some hands on tuition or you would like a more in-depth course.

The ‘Digital Darkroom’ is very much a part of modern landscape photography and I can show you how to get the very best from your images. 



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