Retouching and Photo Repair

Memories are precious

Photography is not just about capturing light it is about preserving moments in time. It is about creating memories. Photographs don’t alas last forever but with new technology I can breathe new life into old photos. Retouching and photo repair is a relatively simple task for good image editor.

Few photos are beyond repair

The vast majority of all photos can be repaired.  A photograph in a dozen pieces can be repaired, digitised and given a new lease of life.

It could be as simple as tidying up ap photo, editing out unwanted distractions or transforming an image from colour to black and white.

As technology changes we often find our precious family photographs languishing in boxes. You may have slides, negatives, vintage prints and all of these can be professionally scanned and digitised making them more accessible to future generations.


Many retouching and repair jobs are very simple for a professional and I price accordinglyon an ad-hoc basis.



Enquire today and breathe new life into your photographs.