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The first rolls of film

My love of photography came to me at a young age. I was very fortunate to have experienced the colour and energy of a world of very differing cultures growing up, living in places such as Africa, Mauritius and Hong Kong. We were also never far from the coast. I feel privileged to have visited and lived in these countries and to have witnessed the very unique sights, sounds and tastes along the way. My parents had travelled the world with their work and of course never went anywhere without their cameras. I grew up surrounded by Kodak Retinettes, Pentax Me Supers and boxes of slides and prints. The yearn to travel, to explore and to capture and create has always been strong.


My work is largely inspired by my love for the outdoors. I love the ocean, the coast and this has always been a great source of inspiration. I am happiest enjoying the outdoors, escaping from the stresses of modern life, exploring and immersing myself within the landscape. Through sport and travel I’ve been able to increase the time I spend in the outdoors. My camera has allowed me to forge a more personal, meditative relationship with the outdoors.


The coast remains my first love and often my inspiration. It is rugged, elemental, changeable and for me provides the greatest sense of harmony within the landscape. There is something very special about the point where the land meets the sea. 

I am influenced by all I see around me, by film, by music and by other photographers and artists whose work crosses my path. Initially it was the work of landscape photographer Ansel Adams that piqued my curiosity, the seascapes of Hiroshi Sugimoto and monochrome images of music photographer Anton Corbijn.  The more abstract painters such as Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman also sparked my desire to create and learn.

Over the years since, landscape photographers such as Joe Cornish, Charlie Waite  and David Ward to name but a few, continue to inspire me. The list grows every day and is far too numerous to account for here. 

I work to present what I hope are lasting images, that occasionally offer a view the naked eye may not see, or perhaps to focus on. I enjoy playing with time, playing with light and working with the detail, colour and texture around me. Although I’m always searching for a magical moment, when the light and the weather combine to present a scene at its very best, I also seek to isolate detail in the mundance and everyday items I chance upon within the landscape. 

Many of my images are very personal, they are very much an expression of my feelings and emotions.

The Smaller Details

My images often have a more minimalist approach and I love to focus, not just on the wider landscape but also on micro landscapes. It is very much the details and textures surrounding us that excite me. I also make more abstract images by manipulating light and movement. The majority of these images are created organically in-camera, using ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) in its varying forms, blending multiple exposures and exploring how light interacts with varying materials and textures. This style of photography allows the camera to become the artists brush, allowing a more impressionistic or abstract approach.

So Far

My landscape images have been published on book covers, in magazines and online. There have been a few awards, the odd shortlisting, a number of local exhibitions. My work is bought throughout the UK and abroad.  I continue to work in a variety of genres and maintain a genuine appetite for most things photographic.

When I’m not holding a camera

When I’m not behind the camera I’m quite partial to a game of tennis. I enjoy surfing (okay..bobbing about in the sea), camping, the kitchen, exploring restaurants and bars. I great film is always a bonus.